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SF57 indicator control card

SF57 indicator control card

Key features:

  • Time and date from accurate real time clock.
  • Positive and negative common inputs as standard.
  • Self test features to simplify comissioning.
  • On-board speech as standard.
  • Programmable inputs
  • Controllable  area network C.A.N


The SF750 indicator control card has been designed to act as an interface between a lift controller and the Digital Advanced Control range of dot matrix indicators and TFT Indicator screens. The indicator control card is a self contained fully featured programmable unit which includes speech, real-time clock and date, full opto-isolation and controller area network (C.A.N) communication.
The unit is operated from 12/24 V A/C or D/C and it’s a small compact unit designed to fit on a DIN Rail.


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