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Machine Room Less Controller (MRL)

Machine Room Less Controller (MRL)

Key Features:

• Contactorless operation.
• Narrow version with sizes from 225mm wide and 1500mm high.
• Utilities the ZA Dynpro or 4CS Drive designed for MRL Applications.
• Inner door design to protect the rescue operatives from potentially lethal equipment.
• Built in consumer unit isolated for protection of supplies.
• EN81-20/50 Compliant.
• UPS backup supply with functionality to open the doors at level when on rescue.
• Sophisticated rescue display to help in releasing trapped passengers.
• Silent brake module available.

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Digital Advanced Control offers an extensive range of Machine Room less controllers with a proven track record for both new lifts and lift modernization. Our MRL controllers are all open protocol with easy to follow menus, taking a different approach is the Digital way and we will work with you to provide a controller to your bespoke needs.


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