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How continuous learning leads to continuous action

Manufacturer of digital control systems for the lift industry

How continuous learning leads to continuous action

Digital Advanced Control Continuous Learning Workshop

Here at Digital Advance Control, we don’t want to settle for being one of the leading UK-based lift manufacturers. We want to excel and be the leaders in our industry. To do this, we know that we need to have the right people in our business. You can have the best processes and the best products globally, but without the best people to build them, you’re going to fall short. 

What does continuous learning look like?

We heavily invest in developing our staff, and this philosophy is led from the top. This core value is key to creating a best-in-class team that is always striving to make a difference, be that to the product, to customer experience, or for colleagues.

Our core values are based on continuous improvement, and we also want to instil a culture where our core values aren’t just wall decorations. Every member of our team should be noticing things enough to make a change and not settling for the same thing day-to-day. We want everyone in the business regardless of their position to be empowered to be able to make that change.

Who should be learning?

We aim to embed a culture of continuous learning which starts with our Founder and Technical Director, Yan Phoenix, and filters down to the shop floor. By engaging in this top-down method, we can demonstrate to the entire team that it’s not just ‘talk’. 

At DAC, we encourage and support training where people want to do it. We encourage it without being too pushy, which means that people are keen to learn. We have found that by giving our employees a wider insight into the business as a whole, they are able to see how they fit into the bigger picture and develop a better understanding of their individual roles. This breadth of knowledge can then benefit you as the customer, by ensuring that no matter who you speak to within the company, they all have the same level of understanding.

Learning shouldn’t just end at knowledge…

With everyone having the same foundation knowledge, we can build on it together and empower our employees to bring new ideas. After all, they’re doing the job every day, so they might notice ways that we can improve our processes – meaning we can pass any improvements onto the end customer. We want to improve every aspect of our business, from our team to ideas that will cut costs that we can pass onto you, or even make the end customer’s experience more user-friendly, 

By giving our employees the tools they need to successfully understand your requirements, we ensure that our customer service is excellent from manufacturing all the way to delivery to you. It can be easy to think of our lift parts as stand-alone products, but that won’t help us deliver excellent customer service. In reality, our parts are just that – a part of a bigger machine.

Learning puts us in your shoes

With many employees within the business undertaking The LEIA Distance Learning Course, we put ourselves in your shoes. This training, designed for you, is something that we feel benefits our team too. By getting this experience, they all gain a clear understanding of your point of view and it enables them to understand why we do what we do. 

By carrying out the same training as lift engineers have to undertake, our team can see the wider picture. They can understand why you, as our customer, may ask for certain modifications or require things to be a certain way – and by seeing how our products are used in the ‘real world’, our team may even be able to think of new processes to make our manufacturing more efficient.

Learning leads to action

Technology has moved on quite a lot in the last five years, which means that we have to move with it. By creating a culture of continuous learning, we make sure that nobody at DAC gets stuck in their ways, and we ensure that we are always on the cutting edge of any new tech as it develops. 

This means that we can provide you with the highest quality products made in the most efficient ways possible. For example, by using lean manufacturing, we create products that you can rely on and produce high-quality without a high price point.

Our customer is at the heart of everything we do, and by encouraging our entire team from the top down to keep improving upon themselves, we set ourselves up to be the leaders in our industry by providing top-quality customer service to match our top quality products.

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